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Equal access for migrants to the labor market!


In our work, we experience the tremendous efforts migrant women are required to make in order to gain a foothold on the labor market. PreQual seeks to provide these women with source of support and encouragement in fi nding gainful employment on the formal labor market. The organizations that have taken on the task of developing and implementing these programs do not seek to do this work without emphasizing the necessity that the following demands are met in order to bring about sustainable improvements for migrant women and

A pedagogy of dreams and wishes


"Adults, women and men, depend on their teacher for not breaking with their dreams and the web of meanings, expressed in gestures, corporeality, and directing human life in the process. To shelter with affection, to recognize the truth of human beings, to stimulate success, to understand differences, and to stimulate life: this is the job of every teacher. To be human with human beings so that the dimension of humaneness becomes the grand horizon in educational processes. To realize sensitivity, communion/community and shelter as the basic material of educational processes.



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Against deficit orientation!


In opposition to a position that classifies migrant women learners as people with an orientation and information deficit, our work is based on appreciating and expanding the participants' knowledge and skills!


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