Course announcements

Information brochures and poster for the PreQual-steps course in Greece

In the attached files you will find information brochures as well as the poster disseminated for the PreQual-steps course in Greece.

The announcements are in English, Greek and Albanian (as the Albanian is the largest migrant group in Greece).
The poster is in Greek.

PreQual course in Spain has started

On October 6th the first PreQual course has started in Spain/ Madrid. Actually a group of 12 very motivated and interested migrant women is attending this course which will last until the end of February 2009. The Spanish concept of PreQual includes three different modules: Qualification and personal develpment, internships, employment and self-employment (theory and praxis, job orientation...).

The course is organised and conducted by the projectpartner IEPALA. For more information please contact Iepala.


The PreQual-steps project in all partner countries

Τhe PreQual-steps project is being implemented in every partner country by the organisations:
Maiz/Austria, Sofia/Czech Republic, Antigone/Greece, DemNet/Hungary and Iepala/Spain.

The PreQual steps course is being implemented for the forth time in Austria, while in the rest of countries for the first time. 

For further imformation, please contact with the responsible in each country organisation.


The PreQual course was implemented in each partner country by the respective partner organisation: Czech Republic /Prague (Sofia); Greece/Thessaloniki (Antigone), Hungary/Budapest (DemNet), Spain/Madrid (Iepala). Most of the courses started in autumn 2008 and have finished in 2009.

In Austria maiz is started the fifth edition of the PreQual course - with the financial support of the governement of Upper Austria on November 3rd  2009. For any further information please contact maiz.


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