Czech Republic

Working within health and care in Czech Republic

For access to employment in area of social and health services in the Czech Republic is peculiar separation of the segment of the services into 2 sectors - health services sector and social services sector. The separation includes the founder, the framework of legislature and the consequent qualification requirements. The segment of social services is regulated by Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the segment of health care is in competence of Ministry of Health Affairs. Establishment and providing of social services is regularized by Social Services Act, directive 108/2006.
Social services are provided partially free of charge - the services include social consultancy, physiotherapy, crises help, juvenile care services and others. The other segment of social services is represented by residential services - protected dwelling senior homes, social welfare institution, and physiotherapeutic residence. These services are provided against payment, which is paid by users from their care allowances.
The basic prerequisite to get opportunity for employment in social services segment is certificating from "Course of Social Services Worker", of minimal range 150 hours. A precondition for acceptance into the qualification course is accomplishment of high school education. Social service persons may promote their accreditation from their education courses with special competence for work with particular types of clients. Currently accredited Courses of Social Service Workers with range of 600 hours are also available. Opportunities for employment of the course graduates are in day as well as week social welfare institutions, homes for handicapped persons, senior homes, sanctuary homes, protected dwelling, personal assistance, low doorsill centers, social-physiotherapy services, therapeutic workshops and other connected services. Women graduates of the course find opportunities for employment in the institutions to facilitate common activities of personal self-care, personal hygiene, to provide personal assistance, attendance, to execute training in self-keeping skills, to help in household, in edifying, in educative and in activating effort, as well as to help in proceeding with authorities etc.
The basic prerequisite to get opportunity for employment in health care services is certification of a course "General ambulance attendant". The required professional training is defined in Conditions for Obtaining and Acceptation of Qualification to Exercise Non-physician Medical Occupations Act No 96/2004 Sb. The prerequisite to be accepted into the course is accomplishment of elementary education. The certified from the course of General ambulance attendant may find employment in various types of medical facilities such as hospitals, health centers, hospices, spas, and other facilities. The scope of their employment in the facilities lay in support of hygienic and nurse care, food processing and keeping, manipulation with biological material, disinfection, attendance and transport of patients to examinations and other medical performance. Consequently there are qualification courses with higher trade credit and extended number of hours that certifies for employment in the segment of nursery care without necessity to get a professional education at a college of nursery. These are qualifications as a medical assistant, dental nurse, medical attendant and other qualification of a special aim as a disinfector or masseur. As a summary entry conditions into health services to get position of a general ambulance attendant are less demanding as for previous education and later opportunities for employment provides a more narrow selection of opportunities to get higher qualification profile based on experience and consequent qualification courses.

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