What are autonomous migrant organisations? (SOMs)

SOMs are one of the forms that socio-political networks of migrants can have. They define themeselves as associations of individuals who have, seek, develop and find common motivations, areas of intereest, and goals. Their particular characteristic is that participants voluntarily construct themselves as context. As a consequence, the migrants attain a space of collective autonomy. This space is based on the difference and the equality of all participants, resulting in an increased strength of all. As decision makings and working processes do not occure throough standardization, but through self-representative participation of each person. The mutual recognition represents at the same time the basis for articulation and re/presentation within the public. By self-recognition and determination of needs and of transformation into the working fields of education, consultation, economy and culture this principle for the fight against racism on the labour market evades the imposition (diction) by the majoritarian population.

Source: WIP - work in process: