The project

Target groups, sectors and potential beneficiaries:


PreQual steps addresses migrant women and migrant self-organisations as well as experts and institutions from the health and care sector. We specially address migrant woman who have no professional training but who are very interested in getting a job in the health and care sector and whose professional training is not honoured in the project partners' countries or whose formal qualification (language competence, entrance criteria) is not sufficient for a professional training or who cannot work in their learned/practised profession because of their training. We also address trainers of migrant women in training institutions (for migrant women for health and care professions, within employment institutions – and measures), training institutions within the partner countries and other European countries, who want to offer similar training measures, professional public as potential employers (eg. Hospitals), experts from the diverse target sectors: health/social care, labor market et al.

Innovative concepts the project is based on:

PreQual steps and its qualification measure PreQual are based on a completely new concept of education, which represents an interface between regular educational programs within the field of health and care, educational institutions and migrant women. The innovative character of the project is to be seen on several levels: On the one hand it is based on the intercultural and anti-racist education approach of maiz, the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed) and on the model of evaluation (self-evaluation concept of maiz according to anti-racist education guidelines). On the other hand it is based on a combination of pre-qualification, practical experience and empowerment. The curriculum of the PreQual course already takes into account the particularities of 6 different European countries concerning their health systems, their systems of education and concepts of care (Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain). The present concept is being enlarged through further European aspects (of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece and Spain) and this IT-based platform, which – following the principle of participation - offers possibilities for exchange among experts and secures the transparency of the results.

Method of transfer and activities:

By means of holding national working meetings within the involved countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Spain), and together with experts from the fields of health and care, migration, labor market and employer and employee interest groups, national characteristics concerning the health and care systems and the working and living reality of migrant women within the respective countries will be elaborated and the already existing concept of PreQual enriched by these aspects. During international working and advanced training meetings the partners will be introduced into the curriculum on hand and into the methodology as well as the participative concept of self-evaluation. Partners from Greece and Spain can bear on already existing outcomes of PreQual and will update and actualise respectively adapt them. Partners from Czech Republic and Hungary will first elaborate country reports. 2-3 working meetings per country with groups of experts will form the basis for them. The courses will be prepared in respect of national specific particularities (health and care systems, access criteria, key course elements, certification) and implemented in terms of courses with 4-6 months duration. The ICT-supported communication (platform, forum) shall facilitate the exchange among experts about results, requests and questions. Migrant women who have already participated in one of the measures PreQual shall accompany and support the new partners during the implementation of the course as so called „multipliers“. The virtual platform and the website will also provide a basis for the exchange of international outcomes, thematic key points and challenges among experts with and without migration background. The concept of self-evaluation and the project evaluation following the method ZOPP (Goal oriented project evaluation) shall guarantee the consideration of all planned outcomes and demands from an international perspective. The dissemination activities (classical PR-activities, participation at national and international events, regular newsletters and website) will support the sustainable integration into national concepts of trainings within the field of health and care.

Four PreQual – courses:

Within PreQual steps the course “Prequalification for migrant women in the health and care sector” will be implemented within the four European countries: Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Spain. A group of about 60 migrant women of different nationalities will have the possibility to attend the courses which will be evaluated and accompanied by two professional trainers with and without a migration background. Main course contents: (648 training units - 552 hours)

  • Introduction to the field of nursing – from an intercultural perspective (Concept of work and the fields of work in the health and care sector, law, communication and conflict management, first aid course.
  • Personal Orientation within the Health and Social Care Sector - with consideration of intercultural and antiracist aspects (Personal orientation, ethics, law)
  • Language and communication skills with an occupational-related focus (Introduction to medical terminology, occupational-related language training, ICT-Training, etc…)
  • Internship and Coaching

The course participants receive certificates, whose official recognition is intensely aspired. The intended lobbying and network activities of all partners will support the achievement of this goal.

Booklets and Publications:

„PreQual steps to CZE, HU, GR und ES“: (working title) abstract/compendium of the country specific results in addition to the present curriculum „Intercultural qualification for migrant women entering into the health and care sector“, LdV Projekt A/04/B/F/PP-158.130. „PreQual – basics“: retraining booklet with the essential innovative elements of the trainingin view of the methodology, teaching principles and self-evaluation. Regular newsletters and public relation activities: If you would like to receive the newsletter please send the contact form.

Project start: November 2007 End of the project: October 2009

see: the PreQual course