logo of Antigone Antigone - Information & Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence

Antigone is a non-governmental organisation based in Thessalonica with offices in Athens. Since 1995 it has been active in issues concerning human rights, ecology, peace and non-violent conflict resolution in close cooperation with the ecological movement in Thessalonica. To fulfil its mission of studying the abovementioned issues and combating racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Antigone undertakes research and activity projects, disseminates relevant publications, organises round table discussions and issues press releases.

Logo of DemNetDemNet - Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights

The Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (DemNet Hungary), an Hungarian private foundation, works for the creation and strengthening of democratic civil sphere in Hungary and in South and Eastern Europe, in addition to other developing or disadvantageous regions of the world with special attention on sharing the Central European social-political-economic transition experiences. DemNet Hungary designed targeted programs for refugees and asylum-seekers to access information via the internet and to foster their integration to the local host communities. One of the major focus groups is the Roma minority, their institutions and forums of Roma legal defense and advocacy.

Logo of IepalaIEPALA - Instituto de Estudios Politicos Para América Latina y Africa

IEPALA is an independent non-profit organization founded in 1955 as an academic institute that focuses on the intersection of education based on development studies, politics and interculturality. IEPALA supports migrant women's self-organizations as well as organizations that work for the development of their own countries. IEPALA has extensive experience in international co-operations .

logo of maizmaiz - autonomous centre by and for migrant women

maiz is an organisation by and for migrant women and was created in 1995 out of the necessity for changes with regards to migrants’ living and work situation in Austria and to strengthen political and cultural participation. In the knowledge that our role as protagonists is absolutely legitimate and through our work in various fields, we attempt to provide answers to the issues surrounding women’s work migration. In the process, we explore and adapt theory and practice while developing a variety of new forms, methods and strategies. Our activities include education, legal and social counselling; family counselling; general counselling, street work and training for migrant women working in the sex trade; cultural work; public relations activities and research. Our activities are aimed to reach migrant women in general as well as refugees, asylum seekers and migrant women working in the sex trade. Moreover, the preparatory program for the high school leaving exams is also open to male migrant youth.

Sofia - civic association for dialogue logo of Sofia

Sofia is an non governmental organisation in Prague and was founded in 2004 with the objective to initiate the etablishment of a community centre for women, to promote womens' participation in community life and to enhance mutual understanding, support and informal forms of assistance and self-support. Sofia offers free counselling and psychotherapy for women and their families, organises information, cultural and educational activities. Sofia creates a space for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and articipates in the gender dialogue in order to contribute to the process of degradation of discrimination and stereotypes.