Prequal Course

Logo PreQualAs an adult education program, PreQual aims to reach interested women and provide them with orientation for occupations in the health and care fields and to facilitate their entrance into a vocational education program through equipping them with specific prequalifications and skills. A particular focus will be on skills the participants already possess, intercultural skills and experiences, health-specific intercultural aspects of care occupations and discussing antiracist strategies. Taking previously acquired skills and experience into consideration is a fundamental part of this educational program, which seeks to focus on a combination of interrelated issues such as migration, labor market, educational sector, care, racism and this educational program, which seeks to focus on a combination of interrelated issues such as migration, labor market, educational sector, care, racism and an intercultural understanding of care and health.

PreQual - an international concept 

Due to the concrete need maiz started a pilot project in 2004, in which the objective was to develop an international prequalification for migrant women, in order to render possible or ease their excess into the scarce fields of employment open to them, in the so called first employment market. In line with the needs of the migrant women the focusing on the occupational fields in the health- and care sector emerged. Within a Leonardo da Vinci project maiz started to work with partners from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain on a commonly valid concept for all the countries involved. Thereby drafts for the curriculum were worked out during workshops and then exchanged within international workshops and the hereby created model curriculum was tested in pilot courses. It was evaluated and the resulting piece was published as "Handbook - Model Curriculum and Educational guide".  In this process experts from all relevant areas were involved, like training facilities, care providing institutions, workers' representations, migrant women already working in the field of health and care or respectively interested in getting qualified work in this field, adult education pedagogues and other experts. PreQual participant holding in hand the certificate

In spite of very different situations of migration, occupational image and job qualifications in the respective countries a common curriculum war achieved. Set up as a model curriculum it represents a kind of guideline in respect to content and method, on the one hand adapted according to the national and regional conditions and requirements of the market and on the other hand adjusted to the needs of the migrant women it was successfully implemented in seven European countries. Meanwhile this approach proved to be very sustainable as this sector has still an increase of labor requirements to register. This field of work also requires an especially high amount of social and emotional competence as complex factors of personal, familial and societal basic parameters come together in the encounter between the caregiver and the person cared for. In order to develop a sustainable approach die European dimension has to be taken into account. maiz has been able to successfully realize the educational training program PreQual already four times in Austria. More courses are being planned.

Within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Project PreQual steps the concept could be taken further towards an international practicability and was a contribution towards the support of migrant women to find legal gainful employment in EU-countries. maiz accompanied the partners in the implementation of the concept (theory, praxis, pedagogical basics, evaluation) and during the implementation of the course by taking into account the national framework requirements at international workshops, partner meetings and advanced trainings. The partner organizations brought an extensive field of experience in the fields of education, migration, anti-racism inter alia with them and in addition they disposed of a large network of experts, who ultimately contributed intrinsicly to the successful implementation of the course.

Due to this intensive and serious teamwork all partners were able to alter the frame of the concept in their countries in order to further develop it and to adapt it to their conditions, so that in all countries the training measure was not only realized but also new aspects could be taken into account which allowed for different framework conditions e. g. in regard to migration history, labor market, health system and accompanying legal scope. As different as the operational implementation within the countries in part have been, they all had the basic principles of work and pedagogy in common and tried to find innovative approaches to the subject area adult education and migration on the basis of the pedagogy of liberation of Paulo Freire.

For further country specific information and experiences please see our booklets: PreQual basics and PreQual steps as well as the country sections within this webpage.  

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