Working principles

At the first partner meeting at Linz the project partners commonly defined following principles, which trace back to principles of maiz and to the prior PreQual project. They are an integral part of the partners contracts, of the evaluation program as well as of the whole project management.


Project Principles

  1. We guarantee that within our project migrant women are not perceived and treated as objects of research.
  2. The partners ensure that the participation and involvement of migrant women as experts within the project is guaranteed.
  3. We strengthen self-advocacy and self-representation of the target group.
  4. The main goal of the project is empowerment of migrant women and a contribution to the fight against racism and discrimination in the partner countries.
  5. The partners agree to refrain from reinforcing the ongoing gender segregation within the labor market.
  6. The partners agree that education is a political (social, economic, critical and historical), reality-changing process.


Implementation of Project Principles:

The innovative character of the project includes the honest attempt to achieve the symmetrical involvement of migrant women in all aspects of the project. This desired symmetry is in reference to function, decision-making power and salary appropriate to the position. The partners shall undertake to network with self-organisations of migrant women in their countries. We commonly agree upon the guidelines regarding personnel policy within the Leonardo Project with the intent to implement them. The project partners must use all possibilities to especially address and invite migrant women to apply for open positions. Where possible phrases such as „Migrant women are especially encouraged to apply for this position“ or „Migrants are also welcome to apply for this position“ should also appear in the job advertisement. Particular effort must be made in publicising the job advertisement among migrant self-organisations. Evaluation of the implementation of Project Principles is done within ZOPP and self-evaluation. Successes as well as difficulties regarding these personnel policies are going to be shared within the partners meetings.