PreQual Steps: our projects goals and intentions

Throughout Europe migrant women are confronted with structural barriers as well as strong disadvantages in the labor market—especially when it comes to accessing the qualified labor market. Consequently, migrant women are forced to circulate in a very strongly segmented labor market that excludes them from numerous sectors and are channeled into certain occupational branches like construction work, housework, menial work, sex work and care. At the same time migration, the labor market and the care sector have been core sociopolitical issues in large-scale policy-making within Europe and throughout the globalized world. PreQual-steps is based on the project PreQual, a qualification program that is at the heart of where all of these issues intersect and which was developed and implemented by the migrant women self-organisation maiz in cooperation with partner organizations in six European countries within the EU-projectline Leonardo da Vinci. It is a goal oriented approach to address strong disadvantages migrant women are facing within the European vocational training and labor market and to improve the access to this training sector and labor market. Through the implementation of PreQual Steps, PreQual makes further steps to Europe. Funded by the European projectline Leonardo da Vinci (Transfer of Innovation) the innovative results of the pilotproject PreQual will be transferred to the countries Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece and the concept will be expanded by new European aspects concerning female migration, the labor market and the health and care sector. After this two-year project period, between November 2007 and October 2009, the concept of PreQual (implementation, evaluation) will be in the position to take into consideration national aspects of 9 European countries. In the long term “PreQual steps” aims for the national implementation of the training measure within the partner countries and therefore to close a gap within the vocational training system. The diverse national and international partners have culminated into this partnership manifesting widespread competencies, experiences as well as their range of contacts to the various target groups and their range of spheres of influence. The partnership of PreQual steps consists of the promoting organization maiz (Austria), Antigone - Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence (Greece), Iepala - Insituto de Estudios Polίticos Para América Latina y África (Spain), Sofia (Czech Republic) and DemNet – Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (Hungary).