Equal access for migrants to the labor market!


In our work, we experience the tremendous efforts migrant women are required to make in order to gain a foothold on the labor market. PreQual seeks to provide these women with source of support and encouragement in fi nding gainful employment on the formal labor market. The organizations that have taken on the task of developing and implementing these programs do not seek to do this work without emphasizing the necessity that the following demands are met in order to bring about sustainable improvements for migrant women and
their working situation on the EU labor market.

We demand

  • The right to freedom - the right to migration!

  • Social and political equality beyond market-based interests!

  • Equal access for migrants to the labor market, regardless of origin, status and duration of residence!

  • Putting an end to hiding structural discrimination behind a veil of "cultural difference!"

  • The promotion of autonomy and union-based, grassroots forms of representing migrant women's interests on the labor market, particularly within the service sector-including care, care-giving and sex work!

  • Stop placing the blame for the consequences of exclusionary practices and global contexts onto those affected by them!

  • The promotion of a self-organization of migrant women through the provision of resources and inclusion in social and political structures and in decision-making processes!