Final conference in Madrid outlined the great international valuation of PreQual

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International Press Release October 09
After two years of international collaboration the project Prequal is coming to its end. From September 30th to October 1st the last meeting of the partners, coming from Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Spain, was being held in Madrid to draw a balance of what the project meant to each one of us.
Among the final conclusions that have arisen during the meeting we would like to emphasize the sense of achievement the course (that was realized in the frame of this project) has given to all the partners. Although the course has had individual characteristics in every country, all of the partners agreed in putting a great value to it on both, the theoretical and the practical level. The direct work this course has meant for the involved NGOs was especially highlighted and the high satisfaction reported by the course participants: they were so motivated throughout the course that only very few of them dropped out.

Two publications presented

Both publications tied to the project were presented in this last meeting. PreQual basics, with basic pedagogical, theoretical information about the PreQual course, and PreQual Steps, in which every partner country made a report on the development of the project, its particular context and the international experiences.
In the frame of the conference two different activities took place to present the publications and results of the project: A public round table prompted a dialogue between experts from the different target sectors, dealing with education, migration and labour market and a play of theatre on migration was performed by laymen actresses.
The round table was organized on Friday, 2nd of October. It brought together four immigrants' organizations that work for immigrants each one in a particular way. MITA (www. presented their projects of micro credits for women migrants to us. MINKA ( focused their presentation on their experience with the project theatre. CONADEE ( is a platform of people from associations in Ecuador with wide experience in counselling, training and co-development. Rumiñahi ( finally explained to us their activities in the field of labour market integration.
The previous night a theatre play had been organized at IEPALA: "The place where a constellation arises", a play created and interpreted by the intercultural section of the NGO MINKA. The NGO MINKA has a program of public awareness on interculturality that has started a theatre group by migrant women that works on theatre pieces reflecting on their process of migration and integration. The play they showed that night was presenting several daily scenes migrant women live through in their search for work, trying to keep relations with the family they left behind, or starting new relations in the country they have come to.

Foto of the theatre group from MINKA

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The play was a great success. Many people were present: some participants of the Prequal course, workers of IEPALA, members of other organizations who have been invited, relatives and friends..... We all were touched by the play but also laughed a great deal, and all of us agreed on the good performance of the actresses, the ability of the author and the director of the play.
It is important to emphasize that this play was part of a project of raising awareness in interculturality and it obtained a funding that allowed the group to present the play during a whole year in different places in Spain. This consolidated the theatre group, consisting of women, who have found a form of cohesion and of mutual support in their new life with this activity.

For further information please contact the project partners:
MAIZ - autonomous centre by and for migrant women:  
DemNet - Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights:  
IEPALA - Instituto de Estudios Politicos Para América Latina y Africa:  
SOFIA - Občanské sdruženi SOFIA:  
ANTIGONE - Information & Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non Violence:


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