Two new booklets of PreQual steps were recently  presented and discussed at the final conference in Madrid!

Further presentations and activities are planned, please contact the respective project partner (country) for detailed information. 

PreQual basicsDownload of the booklet PreQual basics in English

International prequalification for migrant women entering into the health and care sector  

The main focus of PreQual is to provide an educational program that forges a link between the restructuring of everyday life in society and the emancipatory capacity of migrant women within Europe to act as subjects within this process. The educational measures respond to the labor market policies in an emancipatory manner, setting awareness processes in motion and providing a framework for the course participants to explore and practice different ways of acting as a subject within society. Furthermore, PreQual aims to create a common ground for all participants (including the teachers) to develop strategies for changing one's own situation as well as the conditions within the general labor market.
Within our new printed publication PreQual basics we therefore like to provide a concrete contribution by presenting pedagogical and methodological basics and the mein contents of our work within PreQual

PreQual steps

European dimensions within the intercultural qualification for migrant women entering the health and care sector

Experiences in Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Spain

In this electronic brochure we have tried to present our very diverse and to a certain extent varying international experiences and through the citation of examples encourage the implementation of measures which aid migrants to access qualified gainful employment. The countries' reports were written by representatives of our partner organizations. Coaches, course participants, experts and project coordinators should be given the opportunity to present their experiences from a subjective perspective.

Download of the booklet PreQual steps in English







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