A pedagogy of dreams and wishes


"Adults, women and men, depend on their teacher for not breaking with their dreams and the web of meanings, expressed in gestures, corporeality, and directing human life in the process. To shelter with affection, to recognize the truth of human beings, to stimulate success, to understand differences, and to stimulate life: this is the job of every teacher. To be human with human beings so that the dimension of humaneness becomes the grand horizon in educational processes. To realize sensitivity, communion/community and shelter as the basic material of educational processes. Transforming education into a school of tenderness, in which the teacher and the learning person can establish an ongoing education in a condition of equality, a pedagogy on foot, paying attention to the signs of hope which spring up through commitments to humaneness. "

Prof. Dr. Luiz Augusto Passos,

Linz 18.5.09