newsletter 2/2008 START NEW PreQual courses in Greece, Spain and Austria

European dimensions within the intercultural qualification for migrant women entering the health and care sector

This is the 2nd newsletter of the international Leonardo da Vinci Project (LLP-LDV-TOI-07-AT-0009) „PreQual steps" conducted by 5 partners from 5 countries (maiz- Austria, SOFIA-Czech Republic, IEPALA-Spain, DemNet-Hungary, Antigone-Greece).

It's objective is to highlight current information and results of the project's activities and to lounge issues related to female migration, work and health & care within the EU from the perspective of migrant women organisations. If you don't want to receive any further newsletter please send a mail to



1. New PreQual - courses started in Spain, Greece and Austria
2. Further courses planned and NEWS
3. New: Virtual guestbook for experts
3. International partner meeting in Budapest
4. Project calendar and further steps
5. Announcements and events

Leonardo da Vinci Project - Transfer of Innovation
Duration November 1st, 2007 - October 31st, 2009


1. New PreQual - courses:

The European Leonardo da Vinci Project "PreQual steps" is currently entering the hight of its activities. Within three EU-countries groups of migrant women are actually attending the course "PreQual - Intercultural qualification for migrant women entering into the health and care sector". In Madrid (Spain), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Austria (Linz) women with different nationalities and backgrounds get professional support and qualification to enter the health and care sector and therefore to improve their working situation in the respective countries. The curricula for these courses had been developed by partners of 6 different EU-countries under the guidance of the migrant women organization maiz in regard of content, pedagogy and methods. Within PreQual steps the curriculum was further amended and modified according to national necessities and backgrounds by the partners, in cooperation with several experts from the fields of health, care and migration and with support of maiz. More over within two further EU countries (Czech Republic/ Prague, Hungary/Budapest) the course will start soon. After this international process of curriculum amendment, implementation and evaluation the concept of PreQual will consider national aspects and experiences of seven EU-countries.

1.1 PreQual in SPAIN:

A short report of the Spanish partner IEPALA: "PreQual's course has begun in Spain on October 6th and will finish on January 30th. The course is given in Madrid, in IEPALA's offices every evening from 16:00 to 21:00, and it is organized in three parts: a theoretical formation on welfare care and personal development, a part of practices, and one of labor orientation.
The first theoretical part on welfare care and personal development is given in October and November. The second part of practices in elders residences of major persons is programmed in December. And finally during January the contents of the course will concern the search of employment and the promotion of the auto employment.
In the first part our aim is not only to form the women participants in the field of health and care but also to initiate with them a process of exchange of capacities and knowledge, to foment their auto esteem, and to favor their process of integration. Therefore, we have developed a curriculum with two slopes of education in mind, one centered on the prequalification and the other one attending to the personal development. To combine both, we have taken from the part of the curriculum of qualification one or two words that were giving connotation also to another parts. This way when talking about the process of aging for example, we rescued the concept of oldness the participants have got, on having spoken about mobility and ergonomics, we have analyzed how we have moved, how we have migrated and the participants made an album telling their history of migration, and on having spoken about the nutrition and dietetics we organized a workshop of autochthonous food and we exchanged recipes and adapt them to the needs of nourishment of the elderly people.
When we are finishing this first part, we can say that the course has developed with great satisfaction, with a stable group of thirteen women very participative and interested in the course. " Madrid, November 08

1.2 PreQual in GREECE:

A short report of the Greek partner Antigone: "In Greece the implementation of the course "PreQual - intercultural qualification for migrant women entering the health and care sector" started on the 23rd October in Thessaloniki and will last till April 2009. The seminars take place three times per week, on Monday and Wednesday afternoon and on Saturday morning, at the social centre of Thessaloniki, where ANTIGONE has also an office. The course is implemented by participative methods and experiential learning and combines both theoretical educational sessions and practical workshops. The course participants are 15 migrant women from various countries of Europe, Africa and Asia."

1.3. PreQual in AUSTRIA:

A short report of the promoter maiz: In Austria the meanwhile fourth edition of the PreQual-course has started on November 3rd after an intense phase of organisation and dissemination. The concept of PreQual in Austria has been improved and enlarged since it's first edition following evaluation results and experiences from the three former courses. This concept of maiz is unique especially in regard of following aspects: the context in which the course is taking place is a migrant women's autonomous organisation, with several offers for migrant women as legal, social and family counselling services, diverse courses for migrant women and migrants of the second generation, cultural activities and projects, political anti-racist activities, street-work and offers support for women working within the field of sex-worker. Maiz combines within all its activities practical work with theoretical reflection, does researches and has strong national and international networks. At the same time several institutions and experts from the field of health and care have been collaborating from the beginning of maiz' activities within PreQual and PreQual steps. They are now involved within the course as experts and trainers and do strongly support the process. Especially health and care is a working field with high and constantly growing demands on the employees. At the same time the situation and the possibilities for migrant women within the labour market particularly depend on economic parameters.
Within the framework of PreQual we from maiz deal with these questions and challenges (as far as possible within singular a educational measure) and accompany the participating women on their way to possible employments with salaries that guarantee their livings as well as with professional development prospects.


2. Further courses planned and NEWS:


NEW partner SOFIA!
We are glad to present our new Czech partner SOFIA (civic association for dialogue) within PreQual steps. SOFIA is an non governmental organisation in Prague and was founded in 2004 with the objective to initiate the establishment of a community centre for women, to promote women's participation in community life and to enhance mutual understanding, support and informal forms of assistance and self-support. SOFIA offers free counselling and psychotherapy for women and their families, organises information, cultural and educational activities. SOFIA creates a space for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue and participates in the gender dialogue in order to contribute to the process of degradation of discrimination and stereotypes.
SOFIA will take over the tasks of the former partner Vuste Envis and will organise and implement the PreQual course in Prague.
„Actually we are in the process of realizing national workshops and we plan to start the PreQual course end of February/ beginning of March. We have established a new working group - a project partners forum, formed by the individual members from NGOs working in the field of gender and migration (multicultural issues)." (SOFIA, Dec. 08) DSee also

PreQual steps invited to an international conference in Prague, Dec.12th :
PreQual steps is invited to the international conference held by the the Association of Adult Education Institution and the J. A. Komenský Academy (private university) on December 12th in Prague. The conference is focusing on vocational education for migrants and good practical examples. SOFIA and maiz will present the PreQual steps project and its innovative educational aspects.


PreQual is considered to be a very helpful and useful tool for migrant women to improve their situation on the labour market. However the effort to implement the PreQual course in Hungary is influenced by several issues that render it more difficult than in other countries: On the one hand Hungary has a diverse history and development of migration due to the political changes within the last decades. More over the Hungarian social/economic situation is - as in many other countries of the world - actually quite bad. The partner speaks of a "total crises in which several hospitals seem to collapse". Ethnic Hungarian immigrant women working in the health sector field are currently tending to go back to Romania and Serbia.
DemNet is therefore actually engaged in adapting the PreQual concept with regard to the actual challenges, does strong lobbying activities in preparation of the PreQual course in Budapest and seeks for support and collaboration with other migrant organisations in Budapest.


3. NEW: Virtual guest book for experts!

The ICT based virtual platform and the website - build up by maiz/AT has been enlarged by a NEW guest book for experts. Its main intention is to support the exchange among experts about the issues of health, care, migration and labour market. It is a platform for people who would like to share experiences and/ or to comment the activities of our partnership within PreQual- steps. If you are interested in getting access to our guest book please contact the promoting organisation maiz (Austria/Linz): please use the contact form of our website:
We especially invite you and all migrant women and self-organisations to give feedback, to send comments and get in contact with us through our website!
Our website provides information in six languages: Czech, English, German, Greek, Hungarian and Spanish. See:


4. International partner meeting in Budapest:

From September 21st till 24th 08 the third international partner meeting of PreQual steps was held in Budapest/ Hungary and hosted by the Hungarian partner DemNet. Within the meeting the partners especially focused on the pedagogical concept of PreQual, the concept of self-evaluation as well as the pedagogy of Paulo Freire and on critical exchanges and reflections about training concepts within the field of migration. Maiz has organised workshops with two experts from the field of migration, education and pedagogy of Paulo Freire. For more information please contact maiz. (


4. Milestones of the project

1st Step: Familiarisation with the concepts of PreQual and PreQual steps. Start: November 2007

2nd Step: National reports and national workshops with experts from the different target sectors - modification of course concept considering national requirements. Introduction into pedagogical concept, methods and self-evaluation...

3rd Step NOW: National implementation of PreQual courses and self-evaluation process
Between September 2008 and April 2009

Throughout the project: Dissemination activities, Lobbying, networking, efforts for sustainability of PreQual

End of the project. October 2009

Fore more information see:


6. Announcements and Events

61. Regular newsletter:

Within PreQual steps 5 newsletters will be published.
If you are interested in further information on the project please contact the website, the project promoter and/or the project partners:

Austria: Verein maiz,
Czech Republic: SOFIA,

6.2 International conference in Prague, Dec. 12th. (See also point 2.1)

This Project has been funded by support of the European Commission's Educational Programme Leonardo da Vinci. The content of this report reflects the results of the analyses performed by the project partners, and does not necessarily reflect the position of the authorities or the respective National Agencies, nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.

The Leonardo da Vinci programme
Leonardo da Vinci is the European Community's vocational training programme whose aim is to implement and support lifelong learning strategies in accordance with the national training strategies. In an effort to increase mobility, foster innovation and improve the quality of training, co-operation between the various players in vocational training are promoted within the framework of transnational projects.

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