4th International Press Release of PreQual 03/2009

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PreQual - an international concept within the health and care sector

The Czech organization SOFIA recently hosted the fourth international meeting of PreQual steps project partners in Prague. The overall aim of this meeting was to create an efficient brainstorming three-day space for exchange of experiences and know how on issues surrounding migration, work, health and care within the European Union and on the transfer of the innovative concept of PreQual.

The aim of the PreQual project is to support the path of European migrants to the labour market, with the special focus onto social and caring professions. The project idea has been initiated five years before in Austria, authorized by the migrant organization MAIZ. By its strategy and set of special pedagogical methods, it is not only supporting migrants by necessary education skills, but it contributes also to the prevention of racism, gender segregation and discrimination at the labour - market. Project´s expenses are covered by 63% from funds of Leonardo da Vinci European Program.

Transfer of competence and combat of discrimination

The partner organizations from Czech republic, Greece Hungary and Spain are working on realization and promotion of an innovative, piloting model of PreQalification courses, which is composed from mutually interconnected and combined modules - (sanitary, personal development, specialized/labour orientation et al) with support of the Austrian organization MAIZ. Part of the course curriculum are site visits, independent study work and specialized trainee-ships. An important part of the project is also the collaboration with international experts, pedagogues, NGO members and local authorities within the project. Their feedback provides important support the official accreditation of PreQual Steps courses on both local and European level.

The three-days meeting was attended by 3 representatives from Austria (MAIZ) 2 from Hungary (DemNet), 2 from Greece (Antigone), 1 from Spain (Iepala) and six members of the Czech hosting organization SOPHIA. It consisted of individual presentations of project implementation, processes of courses themselves in Austria, Spain and Greece, sharing best practices, problems and challenges, joint creation of criteria for the project self-evaluations, workshop on interactive teaching methodologies and discussions on local follow-ups and concrete effects for migrants. Representatives of the project coordinating organization Verein MAIZ have shared with all partners their experiences to support the further project implementation.

Most periodically discussed challenge was the discrepancy between the motivation and the challenging existential situation of migrant participants attending vocational training measures. Participants of the meeting have had the possibility not only to inspire themselves but also got to know/reflect more on local specificities and differences between social infrastructures of Western European and post-communist countries.

Each partner organization left the meeting with clear picture of the next steps and tasks within PreQual..

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