Newsletter 01/2008

This is the 1st newsletter of the international Leonardo da Vinci Project (LLP-LDV-TOI-07-AT-0009) „PreQual steps“ conducted by 5 partners from 5 countries (maiz- Austria, Vuste Envis-Czech Republic, IEPALA-Spain, DemNet-Hungary, Antigone-Greece).

PreQual steps: International Press Release /30.4.08

PreQual steps - European dimensions within the intercultural qualificaion for migrant women entering the health and care sector” is a collaborative project of 5 European countries within the Leonardo da Vinci vocational trainings programme, whose main aim is to support migrant women in the health and care sector, to match the labor market needs with those of migrant women and to provide a future-oriented and innovative solution.


The PreQual course was implemented in each partner country by the respective partner organisation: Czech Republic /Prague (Sofia); Greece/Thessaloniki (Antigone), Hungary/Budapest (DemNet), Spain/Madrid (Iepala). Most of the courses started in autumn 2008 and have finished in 2009.

In Austria maiz is started the fifth edition of the PreQual course - with the financial support of the governement of Upper Austria on November 3rd  2009. For any further information please contact maiz.


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